About Beng Kuang Group 

Beng Kuang Marine Limited and its subsidiaries (Beng Kuang Group) are a Singapore based company with vast experiences in the marine, offshore and oil & gas industries.

We started off as a sole proprietor in the early 1990s, with a firm foundation in the marine industry and a proactive attitude towards changes in the marketplace. Over the years, we have grown to become a group of companies specialising in various aspects of the marine, offshore and oil & gas industries.

We have gained an industry reputation for providing comprehensive and quality solutions to cater to the needs of our clients. As a testament of our commitment to quality, we have been accredited with ISO certifications and have also received several letters of appreciation from shipyard operators and vessel owners.

Our vast track records and reputation for reliability have enabled us to secure appointments as “Resident Contractor” to provide corrosion prevention services in several established shipyards in Singapore and Batam, Indonesia.

Corporate Structure 

Infrastructure Engineering


-Shipbuilding & Conversion

-Offshore Construction & Repairs

-Turnkey Projects

-Metalizing Services

-SPS Overlay Technologies

-In-Situ Offshore Technologies



-Asian Sealand Engineering Pte Ltd

-IOE Singapore Pte Ltd

-International Offshore Equipment Canada Inc. (IOEC)

-PT Nexus Engineering Indonesia

-ASIC Engineering Sdn Bhd

-MTM (ASE) Metallization Pte Ltd

-Asian Offshore and Marine Pte Ltd

-Venture Automation & Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd


Supply & Distribution


-Personal Protective Equipment

-Blasting Equipment & Accessories

-Welding Equipment & Accessories

-Painting Equipment & Accessories

-Other General Hardware


-Nexus Sealand Trading Pte Ltd

-Picco Enterprise Pte Ltd

-PT. Master Indonesia

Corrosion Prevention


-Abrasive & Non-Abrasive Blasting

-Paint Application

-Rental of Machineries and Equipment

-Processing  & Distribution of Copper Slag


-Beng Kuang Marine

(B&Chew) Pte. Ltd

-Beng Kuang Marine

(B&M) Pte. Ltd

-Beng Kuang Marine

(B&Y) Pte. Ltd

-B&K Marine Pte Ltd.

-B&J Marine Pte Ltd

-OneHub Tank Coating Pte Ltd

-PT. Nexelite

CP Indonesia

-Nexus Hydrotech Pte. Ltd

-Pangco Pte Ltd

-PT. Berger Batam

Shipping & Others


-Livestock Carriers

-Tugs & Barges


-Drako Shipping Pte Ltd

-Ocean Eight Shipping Pte. Ltd





Products & Services 

  • Platforms
  • Structure fabrication 
  • Air Cooled heat exchangers
  • MOPU Topsides
  • Piping fabrication 
  • FPSO Topside Modules
  • Power Generation Equipment 
  • Water treatment modules
  • Flare Modules
  • Oil Process Modules
  • On-Shore Plant & Equipment
  • Pressure vessels/columns/towers
  • Skid Fabrication
  • Gas Process Modules
  • Shell & tube heat exchangers
  • Construction, fabrication, testing and commissioning 

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